Mulch is used in residential homes, schools, commercial centers and businesses.

Scrap Pallets

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The material recovered from non-functional pallets, as well as scrap residue, is processed into a variety of materials, including mulch, sawdust and animal bedding.

Let us partner with you to maximize the reuse of all materials.

Non-functional pallets are disassembled to maximize re-usable parts in refurbished pallets. 

All plastics are categorized and baled according to their grade.


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Sawdust is internally used to clean small spills.  Employees are free to take the sawdust for use at their homes.

When our trucks return to our facility with your scrap pallets, cardboard and plastics, our experts ensure the most efficient reuse and recycling of all materials.

White buckets and lids

Shrink wrap 


Black baskets 

Ash Pallet Management strives to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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All cardboard is sorted and baled, then transported to our partners who recycle the material into new consumer products