We offer two primary programs for on-site pallet management, but we will tailor the programs to your specifications.  With both options, we provide trained professionals, including forklift operators, sorters, drivers, and a team supervisor at your facility to help you manage and sort used pallets.

With our first option, our employees will load those used pallets onto our trailers, so they can be delivered to our facility, refurbished, and returned to you.

With our second option, our employees will refurbish the used pallets at your location for immediate reuse.

Do you have a new project in mind?  Or simply have a question in the back of your head?  Our team will work with you to provide innovative answers and solutions to your pallet and recycling concerns.  All you have to do is to contact us at the phone numbers below.

      Loose cardboard wastes a lot of floor space at your facilities, decreasing productivity and profitability.  Allow Ash Pallet Management to work with you, and we will provide solutions unique to your problems, processes, and equipment.  Let us decrease your headaches and increase your profits.

Ash Pallet Management is a pioneer in introducing cardboard recycling to the pallet industry.  Ash Pallet Management works closely with the largest paper and corrugate facilities in the nation to develop the very best recycling practices.  Our recycling services help us to reduce your overhead, while enabling you to support ecofriendly processes.


Ash Pallet Management utilizes recycled wood components to extend the useful life of pallets.  We disassemble all non-functional pallets to maximize re-usable parts in refurbished pallets.


Ash Pallet Management maintains the largest refurbished indoor inventory in the Midwest.  Indoor storage is imperative for our customers, because it ensures:

  • Clean, dry pallets.
  • No rodent or bird remnants on pallets
  • Insect free pallets

Additional Pallet Services:

  • Heat Treated Pallets
  • Color Coding
  • Stencil/Stamp Branding Services
  • Banding

Pallet Removal    

Ash Pallet Management guarantees we will meet your demands and exceed your expectations.  Don’t delay giving us the opportunity to improve your profitability.  No dumpster fees, no down time , increased usable floor/yard space, increased productivity, no waste and most importantly...increased profits.

Plastic Solutions

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Pallet Repair

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trailer away, and leave an empty one in it's place.  We can schedule regular pick-ups, or come when you call us.  It's that simple.

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Corrugated Solutions

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On-site Pallet MANAGEMENT

Our on-site pallet management programs allow you to focus on your core business, while our pallet professionals manage your pallet inventory, improving your effectiveness and efficiency.


If you have post-consumer plastic, allow us to manage that for you.  We’ll provide you with 53’ trailers to load recyclable plastic at your facilities, which we'll haul away for you.  Ash Pallet Management guarantees proper recycling for these materials making sure that they will be reused instead of going to the landfill.  Ash Pallet Management will also help you develop efficient processes to distinguish between recyclable material and waste, then preparing the plastics for recycling, and loading them into trailers.

Scrap pallets can give a bad impression to potential customers at your facility.  In addition to looking ugly, scrap pallets waste space.  While those ugly pallets are wasting usable space, they are also losing value as they age and deteriorate.

Pallet management is what we do best.  We'll help you establish ecofriendly procedures to recycle your scrap pallets correctly, and improve your profits.  For many customers, we provide a 53’ trailer for you to load your used pallets.  Once the trailer is full, we'll haul the