“We chose Ash Pallet because it is a local company with a great history in the business. Ash Pallet is about as straightforward as you can get.  With Ash Pallet you know what you are getting with your pallet recycling; you are always kept up to date on any changes.  If a service or product is promised, this is the service or product you will receive without a doubt.  Anthony Ash is great to deal with and is always looking out for his customers at all levels.  Their people are professional and courteous at all times.  Every level of service that we required was met consistently.  We know now that we get a consistent amount per recycled skid.  Other companies would always promise top dollar and drop the skid price soon after service started.  With Ash we have always received a fair price for our recycling.  Our recycling revenue has been stable, and we never have to worry about pick-up and delivery schedules, as Ash is always timely with their scheduling.”



"Tony kicks butt with getting stuff done, Plain and Simple! If you ever have a problem let him know and he will get it done!"


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“Ash Pallet Management, Inc. has been servicing Bunge Oils for the last three years and has supplied up to 5,000 pallets per week for Bunge.  When I took the position of warehouse manager prior to using Ash Pallet our number one customer complaint category was poor quality pallets from our pallet vendors.  We went through trial and error with at least ten different pallet vendors, including the purchase of new pallets with no real consistent success.  Ash worked with us and actually began reinforcing our pallets for our specific needs and our pallet quality issues are a thing of the past.

Ash has a good customer service relationship and has actually come to our facility whenever I needed them to discuss any issues.  I highly recommend Ash as a supplier for pallet needs.”



​"We have been using Ash Pallet as our primary vendor for years.  Their customer service is very responsive to our needs.  They provide a good, quality product at a very reasonable price.  We’ve tried others in the past, but they didn’t compare."


​"Where efficiency and productivity ​meet excellence!"

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“An excellent company to work with.  I was hesitant on the delivery dates, but Mr. Ash reassured me they would be on time, and he held to his word.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product for the low price and the friendly customer service.  Ash Pallet was 30 percent cheaper than my previous supplier.  My expectations of other suppliers have changed.  They need to step it up.” 


“We chose Ash Pallet because of our prior relationship with the Ash family along with their competitive bid quote. My perception has been solidified with good service.  We like that Ash is a very flexible partner that has our best interest as a priority.  We have reduced our pallet expense by thousands of dollars while maintaining great service level to our stores.  Ash has great service at a very competitive price.“