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 Grade “A” or regular #1 pallet is a high quality 48" x 40" four-way entry standard pallet with three clean runners and no plugs.  A regular #1 pallet will have a minimum of seven top boards and five bottom boards.  As this is a recycled pallet, it will have color variation, some staples, metal plates, and a mixture of four-inch and six-inch decking.  Regular #1 pallets are cleaner and better looking than grade “B” pallets. These pallets are typically used in the retail industries because of their high quality.

Regular Grade B (#2)

Premium Grade “B” (#2)

Food grade pallets have many different names in the pallet industry such as:  grocer pallet, GMA pallet, “AA” pallet and a six-inch pallet. In reality, it is a common 48" x 40" four-way entry pallet with higher quality than most 48" x 40" standard pallets.  Food grade pallets are highly desired by grocers, due to better quality and specifications.  This pallet must have six-inch lead boards at each corner and a minimum of seven top boards and five bottom boards.  This pallet may have a few staples, metal plates, and different coloration due to recycled components, but these pallets will not have any plugs.  Our high quality food grade pallet sets the standard in the grocer industries.

Food Grade Pallet (GMA, AA)

The Regular Grade “B” pallet is our most affordable 48" x 40" four-way entry pallet.  These particular pallets are very popular in the pallet world.  When compared with other pallets, Regular "B" pallets may have more broken corners, plugs, color variation, staples, metal plates and nails than other pallets.  These pallets are typically used in the construction and landscaping industry; however, many manufacturing companies have various uses for these pallets. 

We utilize recycled wood components in most pallets to extend the useful life of the pallet.  Pallets are categorized into 5 different grades.

*All pallets are tailored to customer needs.

Custom Pallets

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Grade “A” Pallet (Regular #1)

Hand Selected Pallets

The Premium Grade “B” pallet is a step up from the Regular "B" pallet, yet it's still a very affordable 48" x 40" four-way entry pallet with improved strength and quality.  This pallet may have up to two plugs in each runner.  One side of the pallet will be free of plugs to improve durability and create a clean and nice looking pallet.  Premium "B" pallets have fewer staples, exposed nails, broken corners, and metal plates than regular grade “B” pallets.  They will have some color variation.  Manufacturing companies typically use this pallet for internal needs. 

 Custom Pallets are built to specific measurements (height, weight, depth, quality, etc) according to our partner's needs.  Custom pallets can be built from either recycled or new materials.  Ash Pallet Management will help you identify the exact specifications to meet your business needs.

"Buy from Ash and save your cash!"

An exclusive recycled pallet that Ash Pallet Management created for our high end partners as a substitute for pallets built with entirely fresh lumber.  High quality recycled lumber is hand selected by our professionals for this 48" x 40" four-way entry pallet which contains three runners and absolutely no plugs.  Top decking includes numerous boards virtually creating a solid top.  Bottom decking includes five boards. This pallet undergoes a meticulous process in which our professional restorers inspect the pallets carefully to ensure the highest possible quality in a recycled pallet.  These pallets have six-inch lead boards.  They may have a small number of staples and some color variation, but they will not have any metal plates.

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